How to determine tobacco moisture

When it comes to tobacco and being able to enjoy it, there is an important factor that must be considered that is often overlooked. Moisture. It can largely alter your experience as it can either be dried out due to exposure to air by not being in an air sealed environment. This can cause the tobacco to be harsh and cause a burning sensation to both the lungs and the mouth. On the flip side if it is too moist, it will not light up and burn smoothly, causing you to constantly relight the cigarette However in this blog post we will teach you

1. how to determine how moist the tobacco is.

2. How to hydrate it and add moisture to it if its too dry.

3. How to dry it out to ensure that you have a perfect moisture that ensures smooth burning and taste

1. How to determine the moisture in your tobacco?

Through many years in the business we can tell you that there are three ways to determine the tobacco’s moisture. Experience, smoking the tobacco and physically touching it. When trying to determine whether or not the tobacco is at a good moisture level, a good rule of thumb is to touch it. When inspecting it, you should look for a good balance between being dry yet not brittle.. It must also not be to moist to the point where you feel it being damp and as i previously said it will take experience and time to being able to understand what a good balance feels like. Also when smoking it if you feel like it is hard to light up and turns off easily than chances are its too damp to light and we will cover how to fix this problem

2 How to hydrate it and add moisture if its too dry.

We are sharing with you a technique that took us many months of trial and error, and although it may sound odd at first. We assure you its is the fastest and best way to re-hydrate dry tobacco.

Things needed

  • Microwave
  • Garden spray pump action (google them cost about $5)
  • Water


  1.  Get the tobacco that is dry about 250g of it and place it on the microwave plate or a regular plate. And spray the water on it for about 10-15 seconds whilst rotating to tobacco to ensure most areas have been hit with water.
  2. place it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds, remove it and see if theres a steam coming off the tobacco and its lost some of its dampness. As it steams it will gradually lose its water and if its done correctly will be at a perfect tobacco moisture. Which you can test after doing the process.
  3. If you didnt use enough water it will cause it to be no better than when you started so repeat the steps and test. or if it  seems you have doused it with too much water and it needs a bit more time. Pop it back into the microwave for another 20 seconds.

How to dry tobacco to ensure that you have a perfect moisture

There will be time that the tobacco may also be over hydrated. This may a result of many reasons however it wont matter because no matter why its too moist.  We can fix it!


  1.  Grab the moist tobacco and find a large clean area in which you can spread the tobacco on and ensure it is not in direct sunlight. And leave it there checking on it hourly if its slightly too moist. If its very wet than checking every few hours will be a more suitable timeframe, however if its doused in water you can even leave it over night to dry out.
  2. At the end of the time frame for example every hour, roll the tobacco and smoke it. If it lights easy and burns well, congratulations you have successfully dried the tobacco to perfect smoking moisture. If its not at the desired level of moisture, no problem.Leave it and check back on it and repeat the test til you got the desired outcome.

important tip!

Congrats you have successfully got the tobacco to the perfect moisture level! However we do not want to keep doing this process over and over. Therefore, once tobacco is satisfactory, store it all in an airtight environment like the bags we ship them in or a sandwich bag. And keep it in the fridge for storage and take your day to day smoking amount with you in a smaller pouch. We will discuss tobacco storage and long term storage in the next blog post.

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  1. jaysenc says:

    Good quality, good price, fast delivery. I also use a potato peel or 2 if the tobacco is too dry or a stainless cooking bowl to air it if its too wet.

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