How to make payment using bitcoin

We will outline in this blog step by step on how to buy and send us the bitcoin.

This will be a three step guide which covers the following

  1. What is bitcoin?
  2. How to i buy it?
  3. How do i make payment using it?

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin, often described as a cryptocurrency, a virtual currency or a digital currency – is a type of money that is completely virtual.

How to buy bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be obtained in multiple methods however the most easy and simple way to buy bitcoin is using what is called an exchange, which is basically an app or website that sell bitcoin. We recommend using the Binance exchange as its secure and straight forward. You will need to register an account and complete the verification process and its mandatory for them to do verification so its compliant and regulated by Australian law.

Link to binance –

Once you have registered your email and mobile to binance.

Use this video to understand how to deposit into your binance and purchase the bitcoin.

Make sure your account is made before watching

Important Note: He is purchasing etherum in this video, follow same steps and purchase bitcoin. Also if you’d like to purchese $400 worth of product, buy $410 worth of bitcoin from binance. This is to account for sending fees when sending from bitcoin to different places and if there is bitcoin left over it can be used on next order anyway.

Final step: Making payment to us from binance

1. Place your order on the website like you would do normally and click pay with bitcoin.

2. This page will appear. Go onto the binance app or website and find your wallet and you will see your bitcoin balance. Click withdraw it will ask you for an address, what network and amount you’d like to send. Copy the amount and bitcoin address from the checkout page and paste it into binance and then select bitcoin network, click submit.

After a few seconds this page should appear.

Your all done now

Your order has been successfully paid and submitted to us for processing.

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